Reading Safari Student Book Libraries

Fiction Books Linked to Safari Magazine Topics
Reading Safari Student Book Libraries offer additional fiction in engaging leveled books that link directly to the Safari Magazine themes. Quantities of six-packs in each library vary by level: Grade K (11), Grade 1 (18), Grade 2 (19), Grade 3 (19), Grade 4 (18), Grade 5 (18).
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  • Students will love the fast-paced, entertaining books.
  • The stories extend studentsí understanding of the magazine topics.
  • Instructional focuses and literacy activities for each book are included in the Teacher Notes that accompany the Reading Safari magazines.
  • The libraries are perfect for independent reading.
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Javed's Pet
Javed is not allowed to have a pet because the apartment he lives in is too small. As a surprise birthday present, his mother gives him two homing pigeons. One day he and his friend take them to race. (Level J) Learn more >
The Super Shake
Dan and James mixed a lot of ingredients together and made a super shake. When James drank it, strange things begin to happen to him. He began breaking running records, so he was sent to train for the Olympics games! (Level J) Learn more >
Sally Spinner Finds a Home
Sally, an old spinning wheel, was working as fast that she could keep up with Natalie, the new electric knitting machine. Suddenly, Sallyís spokes caught fire and her owner, Mrs. King, sent her to Mr. Dumbleton to get fixed. Mr. Dumbleton recognized Sally and asked Mrs. King if he could buy her. (Level J) Learn more >
River Rescue
Sophie is good at swimming and kayaking. Her skills come in handy when she and her grandmother have to help an injured man on the river. (Level K) Learn more >
Camping With Grandma
A grandmother takes her two grandchildren and two of their friends camping. Something quite unexpected happens that makes their weekend a very exciting one. (Level K) Learn more >
Party on Mars
Two robot children, Metro and Cosmo, live in space. Their parents are away and two robots, Care and Help, are looking after them. It is Metroís birthday and he wants to have a party, but has been told by Care and Help he has to wait for his parents to return. Metro does not want to wait, so he thinks of a plan. (Level K) Learn more >
Hurricane on Seashell Island
Chrisís family has traveled by boat to Seashell Island. While the family is on the island, a hurricane strikes, but a friendly dolphin helps them to safety. (Level L/M) Learn more >
Tammy Toodlepepper Solves the Case
Paula put her shirt out to dry, and now itís missing. The person living next door also has missing clothing. Tammy Toodlepepper, a private eye, comes to solve the mystery. (Level L/M) Learn more >
E-mail Muddles the Mystery
A boy named Jack looks out the apartment-building window and sees what he thinks is some suspicious activity in the street below. He e-mails his friends around the world to see if they can help him solve the mystery. (Level L/M) Learn more >
In Search of the Giant Pandas
A panda is missing on a giant panda reserve. Concerned for her safety, the team of people who look after the pandas plan a search to find her. (Level N/O) Learn more >
Computer Pigs
Three little pigs live with their mother and father in an apartment in the city. They play a computer game that is also about three little pigs. (Level N/O) Learn more >
The Legend of the Underwater Cave
Sara and Timís next-door neighbor, Fred, takes the children into a room filled with treasures and tells them the legend of the underwater cave, where most of the treasures came from. (Level P) Learn more >
Tammy Toodlepepper, Collector
This is a story about two children who move to a new house. They meet a strange new person who likes to collect things. (Level P) Learn more >
How the Walrus Got to the Arctic
A walrus lived in a moderate climate with many other animals, but he decided he wanted to go to colder lands because his body and flippers made it very hard for him to move about. He set out to find the Top of The World. (Level Q) Learn more >
The Rules Have Changed
The story tells of a game of beach volleyball between two platypuses and two giraffes. The giraffes had the advantage of height and size, but one of the platypuses has a winning idea. (Level Q) Learn more >
The Mystery of the Clock Tower
When Tim and his family move to a new town, Tim is woken at night by lights flashing in the old clock tower across the road. He sets out to discover exactly what is going on in the clock tower at night. (Level Q) Learn more >
The Rose Street Twins
Adam and Zack are twins who live on Rose Street. One day the twinsí pets disappear. Other pets in the neighborhood have disappeared, too. One day Adam notices his neighbor, Scowler, with a bag full of pet food, so Zack decides to go pay Scowler a visit. What he finds surprises both boys. (Level R) Learn more >
Grandma Go
Grandma Goís grandchildren helped her plan a trip around the world to visit old friends. She sent postcards from each county she visited and told the children where she had been and what she had done. (Level R) Learn more >
Cruise Control
Two friends, Perry and Tony, win a cruise with their families. During the cruise they overhear a group of men planning to hijack the cruise liner. The boys manage to send out a mayday message, and the hijackers are captured. (Level R) Learn more >
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Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
61511 Reading Safari Grade K Little Book Library 11 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
61559 Reading Safari Grade 1 Little Book Library 18 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
61597 Reading Safari Grade 2 Little Book Library 19 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
61634 Reading Safari Grade 3 Little Book Library 19 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
6637X Grade 4 Student Book Library 18 Student books (6 copies of each) Classroom Library
66493 Grade 5 Student Book Library 18 Student books (6 copies of each) Classroom Library