Bookshop Phonics

Research-Based, Differentiated Phonics Instruction
Bookshop Phonics offers explicit, sequential, and comprehensive phonics instruction. Using a unique array of engaging materials, teachers can effectively teach letter-sound relationships with substantial opportunities for students to apply and practice their phonics knowledge. The research-based scope & sequence spirals instruction through a loop of new and reviewed phonemic awareness, phonics, and word recognition skills. Bookshop Phonics meets the RTI requirements with multi-tier instruction and intervention and built-in progress monitoring that enables teachers to measure response and fine-tune instruction to student needs. See also Bookshop Phonics Intervention for Summer School and Extended Learning.

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  • Materials support explicit instruction that targets skills in six early strands: phonological awareness (Kindergarten only), letter recognition (Grades K–1), phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, and fluency.
  • Easy-to-follow instructional routines provide lively and significant interaction between teacher and students.
  • Each daily session in Grades K and 1 is divided into small group differentiated instruction and whole group instruction (including partner practice). Grades 2+ work in small groups.
  • Works as a stand-alone program or as a companion to any core reading program.
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Bookshop Phonics Teacher’s Guide Grade K
Includes program guide, routines, 160 lesson plans, skills block focus sheets, skills assessments, scope & sequence charts, and blackline masters for school and home independent activities. Learn more >
Bookshop Phonics Teacher’s Chart Grade K
Large easel format (22” X 28”) offers over 70 pages of phonics teaching aids, including full-color poster scenes for teaching phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics and letter, sentence, and story charts. Learn more >
Bookshop Phonics Card Kit Grade K
Over 300 cards for phonics instruction, including routine cards, picture cards, letter cards, key word cards, look and say word cards, sound and say word cards, and independent activity cards. Learn more >
Bookshop Phonics Student Partner Practice Book Grade K
Includes peer and individual skill practice pages, word cards, letter cards, picture cards, and perforated alphabet cards and boards. Program includes six copies. (Also sold separately in six-packs.) Learn more >
Bookshop Phonics Alphabet Boards Grade K
Three boards (54” X 36”) are in uppercase, lowercase, and blank letter layouts. Children learn and practice the alphabet while placing letters on the boards and singing the alphabet song. Learn more >