Opinion Text Collection

Full-color Opinion Texts in Two Formats
Mondo offers 10 opinion texts in two formats at Levels K-X. In the four Student & Teacher Persuasive Texts (Levels K-R), written by students along with their teachers, a class debates the pros and cons of an engaging issue. In the six FlipSides books (Levels R-X), text in one side of the book presents an opinion in favor of a timely issue, while text in the other side presents an opinion against the issue. Books can be purchased as a collection (6 copies each of the 10 titles) with lesson plans or as individual six-packs.
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  • For each opinion guided reading text, choose from a Common Core lesson plan (booklets) or a comprehension strategy (non-Common Core) lesson plan (on CD only).
  • Books are illustrated with full-color photographs throughout.
  • Guided reading lesson plans model focused teaching with clear comprehension focuses and teacher language.
  • Topics in the Student & Teacher format include pets, zoos, video games, and space exploration.
  • Topics in the FlipSides format include green energy sources, presidential term limits, organized sports, trial by jury, drilling for oil, and the electoral college.