Let's Talk About It! Kit A Text cards

Linking Visual Information with Reading
Each photo chart has an accompanying double-sided text card with one sentence on each side. The sentences are of varying degrees of text difficulty. Teachers select the most appropriate sentence/difficulty level for the group, aligning the difficulty level to the students’ oral language structures and reading level (if any). Text cards are used for generating predictions and for reading, helping students to connect their experiences to the thoughts of others as they begin to read text. Also available in Spanish.
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Sentences utilize different sentence structures.
Kit A sample text cards (English + Spanish )
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Sentences on either side of the card vary in text difficulty.

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45908 Let's Talk About It! Kit A (Grade K) Kit includes Let's Talk About It! 22" x 28" chart, text cards, and Lesson Booklets. Kit
62749 Let's Talk About It! Kit A Spanish Text Cards Set of text cards in Spanish to accompany the Let's Talk About It! chart. Text Card
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