Reading Safari Teacher Notes Grade K

Guided Reading Instruction for Each Reading Safari Topic
Teacher Notes for Reading Safari topics include instructional focuses and literacy activities for each article and book. Each lesson utilizes the guided reading instructional strategy, with identified supports and challenges, teaching focuses, and teaching prompts.
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Booklets support instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
Booklets include graphic organizers and other reproducible activities to support comprehension and vocabulary development.
Concluding activities foster studentsí abilities to synthesize topic-related information across the various texts. Download a sample Teacher Notes booklet here
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Reading Safari Teacher Notes for Grade K Bugs and Beetles
Grade Level: K
Genre: Fiction
Available in these formats:

Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
61498 Reading Safari Grade K Complete Classroom Package Package includes 11 Reading Safari Magazines (6 copies of each), Teacher Notes, 11 student books (6 copies of each), 5 Encyclofacts (6 copies of each) Magazine Boxes included with order Mixed Safari
61528 Grade K Deluxe Add-on or Independent Reading Pack The add-on pack includes 1 copy of each of the 11 Grade K magazines, 11 Little Books, 5 Encyclofacts. Mixed Safari