Professional Learning

Mondo provides knowledgeable, confident facilitators who are experienced in ongoing professional learning for district personnel, school administrators, coaches, and teachers. Mondo facilitators take pride in the following:
Engaging professional learning
Inspiring new thinking
Encouraging reflective practices
Empowering teachers to make critical classroom decisions
Challenging the status quo

Mondo Professional Learning includes both on-site and off-site sessions in leadership training, coaching and mentoring, data-driven instruction, instructional strategies, and classroom management. A menu of delivery options can be customized to meet client needs.

Leadership for Literacy Academies: A year-long professional learning series for principals, literacy coaches, and lead teachers. The series of workshops helps districts and schools develop a systemic approach to analysis and interpretation of assessment data, meeting standards, implementing best instructional practices for literacy, and effective leadership for literacy.

Institutes: Centering around structured, focused delivery including initial training, supported implementation of targeted instructional strategies, ongoing training and coaching, assessment and analysis of student achievement, and self-evaluation of participant growth. Institutes can be delivered in half- or whole-day formats on an ongoing basis, with the number of days dependent upon the topic and participant needs.

Professional Learning Workshops
(District team, principals, coaches, and lead teachers)
Literacy leadership development
Increasing instructional rigor
Interpreting student assessment data to inform instruction
Supporting increased comprehensive literacy in classrooms across the district

Job-Embedded Site Visits
(Site-based support for school staff)
Developing school-based strategic plans
Reflecting on and analyzing classroom and school data
Developing and enhancing role of literacy coach/teacher leader
Providing opportunities for modeled, shared, and observed lessons

Demonstration Lessons
(Critical component of all professional learning opportunities)
Modeling instructional literacy strategies
collaborative planning, observing, and reflecting on live demonstration lessons with students
Demystifying theory by linking with live lesson study
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