Real-life Reading for Grades K-5

Use Reading Safari to incorporate science and social studies into your reading block.
Reading Safari offers a variety of nonfiction and fiction texts that are full of fascinating facts, surprises, and adventures. The text selections offer students the opportunity to read fact and fiction on the same topic.

Reading Safari includes magazines, encyclofacts, and engaging fiction books, all relating to the same topics.

Reading Safari materials include guided reading Levels A-W.

Students will be intrigued by the high-interest topics, including grade-level appropriate science, social studies, health, and other cross-curricular content. 

One Magazine: One Topic, One Reading Level, Short Articles, Various Genres

Each Safari Magazine contains . . .
Reading Safari offers teachers the opportunity to teach students the various nonfiction text types.

Word Power pages in each magzine provide opportunities for students to practice phonics skills, high frequency words, and vocaulary. provides teachers and students extension activities on the topics.


Each Safari Magazine is supported by a leveled reference book, called Encyclofact, which also provides information on topics in the related fiction books.

Encyclofact books provide opportunities to introduce students to nonfiction text features.  The Encyclofact topics are directly linked to the Safari Magazine topics. Encyclofacts introduce students to reference materials on their instructional reading level. Students can learn to read various visual literacy elements including graphs, maps, charts, tables, photos, and diagrams.


Additional independent reading is offered through the leveled fiction books that are directly linked to the Safari Magazine topics.

Students will love these fun and entertaining books!

Teacher Notes

Guided Reading teacher notes for each topic come complete with instructional focuses and literacy activities for each article and book.