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Spanish adaptations of books from Mondo’s Bookshop K-5 libraries provide Spanish-speaking students with authentic reading experiences. A wide range of texts are available in a variety of reading stages, text types, book sizes, and formats, allowing teachers to provide instruction at a student’s exact point of need.

Grade K (Levels A-J): 48 titles
Grade 1 (Levels A-L): 48 titles
Grade 2 (Levels D-Q): 48 titles
Grade 3 (Levels J-T): 48 titles
Grade 4 (Levels L-T): 24 titles
Grade 5 (Levels N-V): 24 titles

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  • Books in a range of text types and formats grab the interest of readers.
  • Literature text types include fable, fairy tale, fantasy, folktale, graphic novel, historical fiction, legend, myth, mystery, narrative, play, poetry, question and answer, realistic fiction, and science fiction.
  • Informational text types include biography, explanation, informational poem, persuasive, procedure, reference, report, and transactional.
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¡A batear! (Batter Up)
A boy tries and tries to get a hit in baseball…and finally succeeds. Level B. Learn more >
Almuerzo en el zoológico (Lunch at the Zoo)
All the zoo animals are eating lunch-and so is one of the visitors. (Early Emergent) Learn more >
Amigas (Friends)
A young girl and her adult friends have a fun-filled day together. Level D. Learn more >
Árbol de manzanas (Apple Picking)
Getting to the apples on that tree is hard work! Here’s what it takes. Level A. Learn more >
¡Bip biiip! (Honk!)
A fire engine gets stuck in traffic on the way to a fire. Level B. Learn more >
Camiones y camionetas (Trucks)
Many kinds of trucks carry many kinds of things-even other trucks! Level B. Learn more >
La comunidad (Community)
A community is a place where people live, work, and help each other. Level D. Learn more >
¡Corre, corre! (Run! Run!)
The three pigs, Red Riding Hood, and other favorite story characters are all off and running-but why? Level C. Learn more >
Crea tu propia tarjeta de san Valentín (Make a Valentine)
Follow easy directions to make a valentine. Level C. Learn more >
¿Cuántas mascotas hay? (How Many Pets?)
Students help count how many pets they have at school. Level C. Learn more >
Derretir (Melting)
Some things melt in the sun and some do not. Level H. Learn more >
¿Dónde está Marco? (Where Is Marco?)
Marco likes to read books that take him on imaginary journeys to lots of different places. Level B. Learn more >
¿Esto es un Monstruo? (Is This A Monster)
Learn about different animals by seeing first a photo of a part of an animal and then the entire animal. Level C. Learn more >
En el bosque (In the Woods)
Colorful photographs show animals that live in the woods, including a snake, a rabbit, a skunk, a fox, an owl, a deer, and a bear. Level B. Learn more >
En el trabajo (At Work)
This nonfiction look at jobs shows that different jobs require people to work in different places. Level B. Learn more >
Es agua (This is Water)
Water comes in many forms. Here is a look at some of them. Level B. Learn more >
Exploremos a los exploradores (Exploring the Explorers)
Explorers travel around the world and beyond to discover and learn about people, places, and things. Level D. Learn more >
La fiesta de los monstruos (Monster Party)
A group of friendly monsters are having a party. Some of the arrivals are unexpected! Level A. Learn more >
Flores (Flowers)
Eight different flowers are identified, first by color and then by name. Level A. Learn more >
¡Ganas dinero! ¡Qué compraras! (Earn It! Spend It!)
Distinguishing between what you need and what you want will help you make good choices when you spend your money. Level E. Learn more >
Hay un ratón en la casa (There's a Mouse in the House)
There’s a mouse, a cat, a dog, a tiger, and an elephant in the house. Level A. Learn more >
Joyas: rimas para que los niños jueguen (Jewels: Children's Play Rhymes)
Twenty-one play rhymes from around the world. Level J. Learn more >
El lindo abrigo. Canción tradicional (Little Overcoat)
A young boy keeps changing his overcoat, making it into other things. Level E. Learn more >
Me encantan los bichos (I Love Bugs)
A young girl loves to watch bugs march, fly, buzz, crawl, glow, and hop. Level C. Learn more >
No me asustó a mi (It Didn't Frighten Me)
Night after night, a young boy sees strange creatures outside his window. None of them frighten him-except a big brown owl. Level D. Learn more >
Nubes (Clouds)
A young boy and his companions see some familiar shapes in the sky. Level A. Learn more >
Nuestro sol es una estrella (Our Sun Is a Star)
This book explains that the sun is a star that gives light and heat. Level A. Learn more >
¡Oh No! (Oh No!)
A little girl discovers holes in everything. Level D. Learn more >
¡Ositos! (Little Bears)
Little bears do many things that children do. This book shows a number of them. Level B. Learn more >
Un paseo por la ciudad (Trip to the City, A)
Two children explore a city with their grandparents-and watch as their grandfather does some unusual things. Level C. Learn more >
¡Pica, pica! (Itch! Itch!)
Children playing in the ivy patch get an itchy rash. Level C. Learn more >
Puedo empujar (I Can Push)
A young boy easily pushes many things, such as a toy truck and a swing, until he tries to push his dog toward the garden hose for a bath. Level A. Learn more >
¿Qué sale del huevo? (What comes from Eggs)
Many animals hatch from eggs. This book shows us a few of them-and their eggs, too. Level B. Learn more >
¿Que viene primero? (What Comes First?)
Relationships in nature, such as the sun preceding the day, are presented. Level C. Learn more >
¿Quién vive en el mar? (Who Lives in the Sea)
Sea life, including jellyfish, sea stars, fish, octopus, seals, dolphins, and sharks, is shown in colorful photographs. Level B. Learn more >
Refréscate (Cool Off)
A group of children in a city neighborhood try many ways to cool off on a hotsummer day. Level C. Learn more >
La rosa de los vientos (Compass Rose)
A compass rose shows the four directions on a map. Level D. Learn more >
Sábados por la mañana (Saturday Mornings)
A young boy likes to help his family on Saturday mornings, but he particularly loves to help his grandma when she bakes cookies. Level E. Learn more >
¡La seguridad es lo principal! (Safety First!)
Following safety rules and knowing safety symbols can prevent injuries and help children have fun. Level D. Learn more >
Una semana con la tía Bea (Week with Aunt Bea)
Aunt Bea visits her niece, and each day of the week is filled with activity. Level D. Learn more >
Las tarántulas son arañas (Tarantulas Are Spiders)
Interesting facts about tarantulas, the largest of all spiders, are presented. Level G. Learn more >
Tienda de mascotas (Pet Store, The)
There are many animals in the pet store-and they come in all sizes! Level B. Learn more >
Todas mis familias (All My Families)
This book explains that families can be the same in some ways and different in other ways. Level D. Learn more >
Vamos a jugar fútbol (Play Ball)
Watch all the actions in a soccer game. Level A. Learn more >
Ven a jugar (Come and Play)
A young girl and her doll try out a variety of imaginary professions. Level B. Learn more >
Yo como hojas (I Eat Leaves)
Animals that eat leaves are introduced. Level B. Learn more >
Yo pinto (I Paint)
A young boy (and his cat) spend the day painting. Level A. Learn more >