Let's Talk About It!

K-3+ Oral Language Reading Program Has Documented Success
Letís Talk About It! Oral Language program has documented success in improving the reading achievement of language-deficient English language learners and native English speakers. Letís Talk About It! provides a sequential, structured approach for oral language development. A 5-minute oral language screening identifies studentsí understanding and control of English language structures. Small-group instruction (2-3 times a week) uses engaging photos, text cards, and detailed lesson plans to support language development. In the oral language-reading sessions, teachers encourage students to talk about the photos, and then record studentsí ideas to read back, reinforcing the concept that what we think, we can say and what we say can be recorded and read.

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  • Research has repeatedly documented the strong link between a studentís struggle with reading comprehension and limited oral language proficiency.
  • The 5-minute Oral Language Assessment quickly identifies both lack of oral language proficiency and risk of reading failure.
  • Oral language sessions are easily implemented in small groups. Sessions of 10-15 minutes alternate with small group reading instruction based on student needs.
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Let's Talk About It! Kit A Photo Charts
Engaging full-color photos (large easel 22Ē X 28Ē) inspire students to explore, talk about, and understand the world around them. The 48 photos fall into three categories: Science, Social Studies, and A Day in the Life. Learn more >
Let's Talk About It! Kit A Text cards
A double-sided text card accompanies each photo. Sentences are at two levels of difficulty, one on each side. (Also available in Spanish) Learn more >
Let's Talk About It! Kit A Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Booklets (1 per photo) Learn more >