Talk About Books

An Exciting New Resource to Deepen Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

To succeed as readers, students need to be able to read, think, and talk about text. Mondo’s new supplemental reading program focuses on developing the reading behaviors and the academic language students need to analyze text and to articulate their thinking. Each leveled reading book features:
• Prompts that guide a close reading of the text.
• Standards-based sentence frames to build academic language.
• A collaborative conversation that will help students deepen their comprehension.
These books are used for small group guided reading.

Available lesson plan formats are Common Core (booklets), TEKS (booklets) Non-Common Core (CD only).

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Talk About Books Configurations
Bookroom - Levels A–R/Lexile 0L-980L
Classroom Libraries Grades K-3
Guided Reading Kits - Literature and Informational Titles
Guided Reading Informational Kits
Student Book 6-Packs
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  • Each book and lesson plan includes explicit links between reading behaviors and academic language structures
  • Thinking prompts to guide the reading
  • Standards-based sentence frames to build academic language
  • Support for collaborative conversations