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Professional books add an important element to the learning process. Mondo’s line of books for teachers include titles by some of the most important reading educators and theorists writing today.
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  • Authors include Tony Stead (Is That a Fact?), Stephanie Harvey (Nonfiction Matters), Sharon Taberski (On Solid Ground), and other acclaimed educators.
  • Books provide support in a range of literacy topics.
  • The authors offer a wealth of ideas suitable for teachers at any level of experience.
  • Books are available for Grades K-3, 3-8, and K-8.
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WW7320 Lasting Impressions: Weaving Literature into the Writing Workshop Shelley Harwayne reexamines traditional writing workshop structures and adds new ways to incorporate literature into students’ writing. Professional Book
SG1108 On Solid Ground: Strategies for Teaching Reading K-3 Master teacher Sharon Taberski shares best practices for a series of interconnected interactions with students, including procedures for assessment and demonstrating strategies. Professional Book
TR4801 Reading With the Troubled Reader Margaret Yatsevich Phinney offers a handbook for use in identifying troubled readers and planning their recovery work. Professional Book