Bookshop Grade K
Whole Group Shared Reading

2 Themed Text Collection Big Books
-18 Informational selections
-18 Literature selections
-Extended and short texts

12 Single Title Big Books
-6 Informational books
-6 Literature books

48 Shared Reading Selections Reading Levels A-J
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95148 Bookshop Grade K Core Program 1 Getting Started Guide (online); 2 Teacher’s Edition Volumes (6 themes each); 2 Themed Text Collection Big Books (6 themes each); 12 Big Books (6 informational; 6 literature); 2 Teacher’s Lesson Plan Binders - Guided Reading Lesson Plans: 48 lessons plans (3 sessions per book), 12 lessons plans (3 sessions per themed text set); 48 Oral Language Lesson Plans; 48 Guided Reading Books (6-packs): 24 informational books, 24 literature books; 2 Themed Text Collection Student Books (6-packs); Let's Talk About It! Oral Language: 1 Photo Chart (22”x 28” easel format) and text cards;
Phonics Teacher’s Guide, Phonics Teacher Chart (70 pages; 22”x28” easel format), Phonics Card Kit (over 300 cards), 6 Partner Practice Books
Complete Reading Program
98873 Shared Reading Library Grade K
Common Core
Big Book Library with Grade K Common Core lesson plans on CD. Kit