Bookshop Phonics Student Partner Practice Books Grades K-1 and Intervention (Grades 2+)

Meaningful Peer and Individual Practice
Research shows that students often benefit from opportunities to experiment both alone and with partners. These consumable books, designed with practical classroom management in mind, include peer worksheets, perforated letter cards, and word cards to help teach and reinforce skills. Six copies of the Partner Practice Book are included in the Bookshop Phonics program. Additional copies are available in 6-packs.
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  • Skills in phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, phonics, and word recognition are targeted.
  • Students gain practice in reading decodable sentences and continuous story texts.
  • Activities provide continuous learning and reinforcement of phonics skills.
  • Both peer and individual practice are supported.
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Bookshop Phonics Student Partner Practice Book Grade K
Includes peer and individual skill practice pages, word cards, letter cards, picture cards, and perforated alphabet cards and boards. Program includes six copies. (Also sold separately in six-packs.) Learn more >